Every year more 14 million women become a victim of Urinary tract infection or UTI here in India. Though not deadly, it can be especially painful because it causes pelvic pain and burning sensation during urination.
One of the major reason UTI is much more widespread in females is that of our method of urination i.e squatting or sitting on the toilet bowl which causes the transfer of microbe (mostly bacteria like E. Coli) into our urinary tract while doing our business.

Weirdly the solution to preventing a UTI is much more simple than we had thought of – pee like a guy. Before you start thinking I’m out of my senses, Let me clarify that yes it is possible and it’s much easier than you can imagine thanks to the hard work of young and innovative students of  IIT Delhi who have come up with SANFE, worlds’ most affordable stand and pee device for women which also happens to be nation’s first biodegradable and menstrual friendly female urination device. It allows women to do their business whilst standing which totally eliminates the contraction of a UTI. Sanfe is portable so it fits even in the pocket of your jeans and can be used anywhere anytime with ease.

A few of the many reasons which will immediately make you order this need of the hour device are as follows:

  1. It makes your visit to the public washroom much more pleasant and comfortable since now you don’t have to get in contact with the stingy toilet bowl.
  2. One no longer has to withhold their urge to urinate, wiping toilet seats or trying to squat or hover over them while peeing in a public washroom.
  3. It’s much more convenient and time-saving than the traditional method of urination.
  4. Specifically made for single-handed use; it can be used with any form of attire even our gorgeous traditional Indian saree.
  5. It can be used by women from all walks of life!
  6. Sanfe is designed especially for Pregnant women & women with joint and knee pain. No more pain!
  7. No more wiping off the seats, no more squats, no more holding in it.
  8. It comes with the simple instruction set and can be used conveniently by everyone.
  9. Ideal for Metros, Railways, Airports, Highways & also in restaurants and mall washrooms while hanging around.

The best part about Sanfe is that it’s a daily travel kit and not at all expensive, folks!  It’s extremely affordable so that every Indian woman can start investing in their health and hygiene as well. For just ?10 you now can avoid dirty toilet seats and also safeguard yourself against bacterias and infections. Sounds too good to be true, right! But it is. So what are you waiting for? Go order your hygiene pack now on India’s leading stores like Amazon & Flipkart.