Why reusable sanitary are better than disposable pads!

Why reusable sanitary are better than disposable pads!

The contest between the two major varieties of pad (reusable and disposable pads) comes later, but first, we have to acknowledge the revolutionary existence of a sanitary napkin in a female’s life. In older times, not only was the cloth used to prevent the menstrual flow but also issues like menstruation were hidden under covers. Apart from the cloth, there were rags, cotton or sheep’s wool used by women to stem their blood flow.

Now, we have the disposable pads available at vicinity which emerged as an alternative to cloth, a long-time runner. The world witnessed the rise of disposable pads starting from 1888 in America. Though disposable appeared convenient to use and discard, it had its baggage of problems. Disposable pads were manufactured to ease out things for women during menstruation. However, it poses a large threat to their health. The disposables are bleached with chlorine which gives them the overt white color. Chlorine produces a byproduct called dioxin. It is a major threat to the female user as the vagina and the skin around it is highly permeable. Disposables also contain plastic, pesticide and herbicide residue. Plastics block the airflow to the vagina and can also initiate irritating rashes. There were various other reasons which lead to the downfall of disposable pads. All the cons of disposable pads led to the rise of reusable menstrual products, significantly the reusable period pad.


Though cloth was always used to prevent the menstrual flow, the reusable pad is an amalgam of simple cloth and disposable pads. They have the goodness of the cotton cloth and grip of the disposable pads. Out there is a bunch of reasons why one should go for reusable menstrual products, especially reusable sanitary pads.

  1. Reusable pads give the comfort you want: Reusable period pads are less irritating and ease you out during that time of the month as they are made of soft, porous fabric. This allows the air to flow and your body to breathe well. Also because of the cotton fabric used, there is no chance of any skin allergies or rashes. On the other hand, the bleach in disposable pads can stir up germs and can lead to serious allergies in the sensitive area.
  2. Reduction in menstrual cramps: As many women witnessed, using cloth pads dramatically decreased menstrual pain for them. Convincingly, it is a healthy alternative that has not failed to give a natural, healthy result.
  3. Reusable sanitary pads are friendly to the environment: Do you wish a stash of used disposable pads to pile up in a landfill and kill the good-natured earth with its plastic? Plastic will take years to decompose. However, reusable feminine pads are of superior quality and thus remain faithful to the ecosystem.
  4. Reusable period pads are economical in the long run: The upfront cost of purchasing reusable pads might seem markedly more than the disposable ones, but they stand the test of time. They are more durable and only involve one-time investment. Instead, disposable pads have to be bought now and again. Reusable period pads can also act as a liberator for the girls belonging to the rural and urban poor strata where they can invest only once and reap the wholesome benefit.
  5. Reusable feminine pads can be customized on order: There is a wide range of choices available to the female customer for reusable pads. One can choose between the styles, colors, patterns, and even length. Distinct colors suit distinct varieties of mood, especially during menstruation. Such colorful pieces of cloth cater to every modality.
  6. Reusable pads empower women: Beginning a healthy lifestyle is the first step towards empowerment. Empowerment comes from within too. Reusable sanitary pads, unlike the disposable ones, are a healthier alternative. They are closer to the earth and thus can be helpful to motivate girls from rural background to use it.

Despite the pros of reusable pads, some cons have remained. Women are hesitant to use them because it seems unpalatable. However, endurance for blood coupled with significant care and maintenance will help reusable sanitary pads to go a long way. The revisit to reusable pads and products has become much significant now.