Why the world underestimates the period pain?

Why the world underestimates the period pain?

Period pain or menstrual cramps is now a common phenomenon across all the women around the world. But why do we ignore or underestimate it? Why do we not get it checked when it hit us with the high intensity during 2-3 cycles when even doctors have described period cramps to be as bad as having a heart attack?  But first, we look at why period pain happens and what are its major symptoms.

It hurts – Having period pain is the most annoying part of our periods, it can strike right before or during the time of the month. Menstrual cramps are pains in the abdomen and pelvic areas. The intensity of the pain can go from mild to severe, mainly felt in lower belly or back. The medical term for the period crams is “dysmenorrhea.”

Pain has it’s main symptoms which poke our body in a different manner. Some of the pain devils are listed below:

  1. Lower back pain – It is mainly caused by hormonal changes usually muscular, as they stimulate contraction or our uterine muscles
  2. Leg pain or joint pain mainly in knees- Fibroids are the main culprits for the leg cramps or pain since period pain mainly happens in the lower abdomen but it can spread to other area of the body.

Nausea/Vomiting- It’s a very common symptom during the time of the month, a mild hormonal fluctuation that triggers the stomach to overproduce the gastric juices containing hydrochloric acid is the main reason behind nausea which sometimes leads to vomiting.

  1. Headaches- the drop in estrogen just before the period or during the period may lead to headaches.
  2. Weakness – it is mainly caused by dehydration, due to the loss of fluids and blood during the periods.
  3. Fatigue- Muscle or joint pain and even headaches can lead to fatigue, other major reason can be the people having endometriosis can feel fatigued all the time during the period cramps
  4. Disrupt Sleep- When the hormonal levels of (estrogen and progesterone) drop dramatically in our body that’s why we have problems in sleeping during the period pains.
  5. Dizziness or feeling faint – Anemia is the main cause for dizziness or the faint feeling.
  6. Anxiety or Depression – the hormones that rule our body and mind during the periods can cause anxiety or even depression.
  7. Mood Swings – Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects in high percentage most of the women deal with this feeling of mood swings before or during the menstrual cycle.
  8. Bloating – Again the hormonal things, when the levels of progesterone fall the body cells become swollen with water which causes the feeling of bloating.