Why we paint female organs in public toilets instead of male organs?

Why we paint female organs in public toilets instead of male organs?

Female body is the most BEAUTIFUL form of art. Period! The only reason that justifies why people are obsessed over drawing, sketching, painting female organs in public toilets and everywhere else instead of male ones. Or is it?

Humans tend to boast about themselves by showing their sexual prowess in nature. Women draw hearts. Men draw penises.

But when you come to see the reality of it, you would see how it’s often the female genital organs scattered all around the wall, toilet seat and even on mirrors. Women have always been oppressed as the second gender and considered weak when it comes to their sexual prowess. No wonder chauvinist men have always drawn women sexual organs and not their own phallic inside the toilet.

The anxiety reeks so bad that it is usually men drawing sexual organs and not women. Women have often reported writing conversational lines or love or slang languages dedicated to some creep. However, with men, it’s an altogether different ball game. When it comes to conversations in toilets, we usually experience uncanny silence and well-behaviour from everyone. Hence, to spot a slang directed at you is what exclaims what is actually going behind the stalls? Isn’t how we treat inanimate objects convey the real side of us?

Showing off women’s intimate organs is how people usually make a woman feel vulnerable, given we rarely see a woman accepting the way she is born or even expressing herself sexually since a lot of them take years before finally coming into terms with their sexual prowess and be confident in it. Hence, even men get targeted with female sexual jokes so that men can feel inferior to the other men who consider themselves macho and superior.

This never ending trap is what gender discrimination has set our path for. With the ever increasing graffiti and racial and derogatory comments all over the toilets for females and drawing female anatomy to bring people down, is what the world needs to change.

Talking about both the anatomy and raising your voice for gender equality can only bring the hope of taking this down. The primary takedown and base can only be drawn with the help of education. Educating young mindsets since the beginning about being gender neutral, trying to bring this behavioural change since the onset of these buds are few ways to tackle this issue of masculinity and femininity.