Your Underarm needs a Regimen Care too!

Your Underarm needs a Regimen Care too!

Wait for what? A complete Underarm care regime!

Yes, you read it right!

Why should other body parts have all the love?

People consciously follow each step of their face and hair care Regime but tend to forget one of the most delicate areas of their body! The Armpits!

This is one of the most common and prevailing problems when it comes to body care, people talk about it and then forget it!

Feeling guilty for upsetting your Pits? Keep reading, we have something for you!


UNDERARMS SPEAKS"I need special care and attention"

We are extremely cautious while using anything on our face and pubic area, but we just roll deodorant on our Underarms or sometimes it’s just a spray of perfume!

Your Underarms should have an ideal pH balance of 7 to stay free from underarm problems.

Our Underarms have the least access to fresh air, which makes it the ideal place for bacteria and fungi to grow. This interferes with the pH balance of our delicate skin and makes our pit prone to itchiness, rashes, infections, patchy skin and bad odour.

Let's do justice to our Armpits!

To avoid such an Underarm problem, it's time we adopt a proper method of more than just shaving or waxing our Underarms.

It’s time to care for the pits!

Nah! We don't recommend time-consuming DIYs or home remedies! We have something convenient and effective, AN UNDERARM CARE REGIME.

Throw your hands up in the air because Sanfe has got you all covered. Now say bye-bye to underarm rashes and itchiness and we are soon about to bring to you a simple  4 step care regime.

Get ready to experience the bust of freshness, healthiness and happiness in your underarms!

Sanfe's promise to support all the beautiful women out there at every stage of their life led to this innovative solution for your Underarms.

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