I was travelling from Jammu to Delhi for my, cricket tournament, along with my team. We were given seats in the sleeper coach of Jammu Mail. I woke in the middle of the night, realizing I am on my periods,  I took a pad and went to the toilet, suddenly a saw a pot bellied man with a gutka smeared mouth coming out of the toilet.

I entered the toilet, and I was taken aback by the mind numbing stinking smell and the toilet seat was so dirty, there was no water. The moment I saw the seat, I felt like throwing up, I ran away. I was standing by the gate of the train coach, struggling hard to hold my pee inside, squeezing my bladder as hard as I could. At the Ambala Cantt station, a girl boarded the train, and something fell from her purse. I picked it up to return it to her, when I just happened to read it. It was a peeing device sort of a thing. When I read it further, I found out that it was a stand and peeing device. I found it pretty absurd, but I decided to try it out.

I went inside the toilet, I followed the instructions and to my surprise, I was able to pee whilst I was standing, I felt so relieved. After freshening up I went, to my seat, all my friends were sleeping. In the seat adjacent to ours I found that girl, I decided to go and return her the packet. When I started talking to her I got to know that she was a student of IIT Delhi, and it was their product, which gave women the freedom to stand and pee. She showed me a bag full of these pink liberators. I asked one for my each friend.