Cashback Offer Page

How do we reward you with Cashback?

We reward with Application visible at the bottom left of your Desktop/Mobile Screen.

How I can avail the Cashback? 

Once you signup on our website, we reward you with ₹50 and for every ₹1 you spend, we add ₹1 to your wallet for your next purchase, once you pay for the order either through Cash on Delivery or Online Payment, we transact the cashback points amount in your wallet for next purchase.

What are the terms and conditions for the Cashback?

  1. You need to be registered on Website to avail the Cashback. 
  2. Cashback will be processed after the Order is marked as Paid. 
  3. Sanfe reserves the right to cancel the Cashback at any point of time. 
  4. Maximum Cashback will be ₹400.
  5. Cashback is nontransferable and can be used on for making the purchase second time. 

How can I redeem the Cashback?

  1. Login/SignUp into the website. 
  2. Make a purchase/payment. 
  3. We will add cashback to your Wallet
  4. Click on Redeem Cashback, we will share the Unique Code. 
  5. Apply at checkout to avail the Cashback.