Sanfe Clear & Confident Glycoglow Body Toner Swipes


Sanfe Body Toner Wipes | 60 units | Acne, Tanning, KP, Dark Spots, Bumps | Rs.10/use

₹ 469.00

Clear & Healthy Skin in 1 Week

Tan & Dark Spots

Uneven Skin-Tone caused due to Pollution and Cumulative Exposure to Sunlight or Artificial UV light.

Rough & Bumpy Skin

Formation of Tiny Bumps on the surface of skin caused due to Clogged Pores and Over- Accumulation of Dead Skin Cells.

Bad Odour

A mix of Bacteria with Sweat on the surface of your Skin.

Body Acne

Hair Follicles clogged by Oil & Dead Skin Cells, Production of Extra Sebum & Oil, and Bacteria.

Swipes of Transformation: Your All-in-One Body Care

No makeup, no touch ups


Strawberry Legs is an issue that I faced for so many years and I tried everything to cure that. I tried home remedies and all other products but nothing worked. I tried these pre soaked toner swipes after cleaning my skin and it worked so well. It unclogged my pores and made my skin feel cleaner after every use. Within just 7 days I saw a visible difference and I will continue using it for cleaner skin.

No makeup, no touch ups


I was using so many products to cure body acne issues that I had. Recently, I got my hands on this magic product after seeing an ad and I was amazed by the results it gave me. It unclogged my pores and reduced the appearance of it, solving my body acne problems. It also works on body odour and overall makes my skin soft without drying out my skin. I absolutely loved this.

No makeup, no touch ups


I like how it just helps with body acne and rough & bumpy skin by exfoliating the skin and making it soft and smooth. It also made the skin even toned and helped me to get rid of all the back acne & dark spots I had. I will recommend this to everyone who is struggling with back acne and dark spots. It’s a wonderful product.

No makeup, no touch ups


I have always loved Sanfe products as they give quick results without any skin damage and these toner swipes are just so good. It solved all my body odour issues at once and made the process so easy and fast. For someone like me who doesn’t have time at all, this is the best on-the-go product and it only takes me 5 minutes to use these swipes all over my arms, legs and back area. I think everyone should try it.

No makeup, no touch ups


I had dark spots and tanning and I tried everything to remove tanning but nothing would work that effectively or it would be a very time consuming process . These toner swipes made the entire process very easy and hassle free. It faded my acne dark spots on my back area and also removed tanning that I had on my body.

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Sanfe Body Toner Wipes | 60 units | Acne, Tanning, KP, Dark Spots, Bumps | Rs.10/use

Clears Tan, Dark Spots, Odour & Body Acne In 1 Week | For Indian Skin | 60 Dual Side Pads

Works 3x Faster & 3x Better

Glycolic Acid

Fades Hyperpigmentation, Blemishes and Dark Spots resulting in Brighter Skin.

Salicylic Acid

Unclogs the Pores, sheds off Dead Skin Cells from Top Layer and reduces Excess Sebum Production clearing the Skin from Within.

Witch Hazel Extract

Helps to Tighten the Pores, Reduces Redness and Soothes Irritated Skin.

Aloe + Chamomile

This strong combination is known for its Healing Properties. It calms Skin Irritation and Lowers Inflammation.

Sanfe Body Toner Wipes | 60 units | Acne, Tanning, KP, Dark Spots, Bumps | Rs.10/use

Clears Tan, Dark Spots, Odour & Body Acne In 1 Week | For Indian Skin | 60 Dual Side Pads


Sanfe Clear & Confident GlycoGlow Body Toning Swipes

Other Body Toning Swipes (Circular Cotton Pads)

Safe for Daily Use

✔️ Yes

❌ Limited Use

AHA + BHA Formula

✔️ Powerful combination for effective toning

❌ May Lack Effective Combination

Advanced Strength Actives

✔️ High-strength actives for visible results

❌ May Contain Lower Strength Ingredients

Proven Results

✔️ Proven efficacy with visible improvement

❌ May Lack Clear Proof of Effectiveness

Skin-Friendly Ingredients

✔️ Designed with skin health in mind

❌ Potential for Irritation or Sensitivity

Comprehensive Toning Solution

✔️ Targets multiple concerns for holistic toning

❌ May Address Limited Skin Issues

Dermatologist Recommended

✔️ Recommended by professionals for results

❌ May Lack Professional Approval

Easy-to-Use Swipes

✔️ Convenient, pre-soaked pads for hassle-free use

❌ Circular Pads Require Separate Products

Glycolic Acid Benefits


Hyperpigmentation & Blemishes.


Visibly Fades Tan, Dark Spots.


Acne and Brightens the Skin.

How Glycoclear Technology WORKS

AHA Complex Resurfaces to promote rapid renewal

BHA Complex refines & exfoliates deep layers of skin

Acne and Brightens the Skin.

Doctor’s Recommended

Sanfe’s Clear & Confident Glycoclow Body Toner Swipes are truly transformative for the skin. Their gentle exfoliation not only reveals a brighter complexion but also promotes collagen production, resulting in improved texture and reduced appearance of fine lines.

Dr. Shubhi Raj

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Neha Kumari
Acne Fighting Formula

Dark spots? Not anymore! Sanfe Body Toner Wipes significantly reduced my dark spots' appearance within weeks.

Amarjeet kour
Banish Skin Blemishes

These wipes are a savior for tanning! My skin feels instantly refreshed and looks visibly brighter.

Rekha sewag
Complexion Booster Pads

Perfect for anyone struggling with acne or occasional breakouts. Highly recommend!

Megha Meena
Tanning Solution

Suffering from random bumps? These wipes calm irritated skin and prevent new breakouts.

Bhavika Gurav
Radiant Skin Aid

KP? These wipes worked wonders in smoothing out my skin texture and reducing those pesky bumps!