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The Pink Brigade
The Pink Brigade

Break the taboo, stop ignoring breast skincare!!

More than 75% of Indian women don’t practice body care. Women often take up the role of being the “care-takers”, hence, they don’t pay attention to taking care of their own body. We need to change this NOW. Start pampering your body and constantly practicing self love!

Body care does not only include taking care of your face, it means catering to all the different parts of your body. One of the most delicate yet neglected parts of our body are breasts. Just like the skin on your face, Breast skin gets dry, itchy, and sensitive. Because it’s thinner and more sensitive than other areas, it’s also prone to wrinkles and crepiness. Women often have breast skin issues like acne, dermatitis, eczema, yeast infections, heat rash and itching. Stop suffering in silence with such dermal issues on your breast area.

#ThePinkBrigade Campaign wants to break the taboo around breast skin care and make breast care accessible to every woman. Sanfe’s breast care range takes complete care of your breast skin leaving it soft, hydrated, firm and supple. All products are 100% natural and are dermatologically tested for safety and effectiveness for all skin types.

The Pink Brigade
The Pink Brigade

How can you get involved


Make a pledge:
Challenge the taboo by taking a stand.


Increase awareness:
Spread the word on social media using #ThePinkBrigade.


Take action:
Start breast skin care

Breast Care 101: 4 easy steps to keep your breast skin healthy.

  1. Hydrate your breast skin.
    The skin here is the most thinner and sensitive, hence, needs more attention. Make sure you don’t skip on the lotion.

  2. Increase its tone and elasticity.
    Breasts often get saggy due to hormonal changes and loss of elasticity.

  3. Destress your breast skin by treating bra marks.
    Most women can’t wait to take their bra off at the end of the day because it is painful and irritating. The bras are often hard on breasts and cause impressions and barks caused by it.

  4. Take care of your nipples too!
    Most people experience chaffed nipples, usually caused by consistent friction when our nipples rub against clothing. This can create soreness, dryness, and sometimes even bleeding.

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Join us! By making a pledge, you'll be part of something big.


Spread the word on Social

It's time to challenge the taboo around breast care NOW. Post #ThePinkBrigade on social to raise awareness, inspire others, or just break the ice.

The Pink Brigade
The Pink Brigade