Reusable pads can also be termed as revolutionary pads because of their significance in our lives. However, clouds of suspicion remain around the cloth pad and its usage. Putting reusable pads to its right and best usage still remains an enigma to many people. Usage is important otherwise the product is doomed to be unsuccessful. For proper usage, one has to understand the overall importance of the product. For instance, the reusable pad comes as a gift for female health.

Unlike the disposable pad, reusable or cloth pads are specially designed to cater to female health and hygiene. They pose no threat to female well-being. Disposables, on the other hand, are flooded with chemicals which most women choose to ignore. Such chemicals and other pesticides can be harmful to our body in the long run. Disposable pads have all the reasons to be avoided. The switch towards reusable or cloth pas has become much significant now. Reusable pads are devoid of chemicals. This makes them an attractive option for women who are health freaks. However, huge swathes of India still remain unknown to this phenomenon. Even if people come to know about reusable pads, using them faithfully can still be an imaginative story.

But, how to use a reusable pad and how many times can we reuse a reusable?

Reusable pads are cloth pads. Unlike the disposable pads, they are not for one time use. The cloth pad has to be maintained and washed after every use. One can effectively reuse cloth pads after the wash. If it is about longevity, then reusable pads can live up to the life of five years! If cared and properly maintained, their life can go even longer. Reusable sanitary pads will show their wonderful properties only if they are maintained. Their maintenance majorly includes the right way of washing them.

The first step is to wash the reusable pad before putting it to use for the first time. One time washing is recommended. This will remove any fabric sizing and improve the fabric’s absorbency. However, washing reusable sanitary pads also involve the right way of washing. Let’s find out how to wash them like a pro!

The easiest way to clean pads is to wash them into the washing machine. One can wash them under cold or warm settings. But, extremely hot water is to be avoided as that can lead to firm stains on the pad.  After that, air drying is suggested as it would be a natural alternative.

Many women also prefer handwashing the pads, for that, one can soak the stained reusable pad in cold water for some time. This makes the work easier. Any detergent can be added to wash cloth pads. Fabric softeners should be avoided as they tend to decrease the absorbency of the fabric in reusable pads. The same is the story with bleaching because either it will break down the material or make it less absorbent. The rule is to wash them as per your convenience.

After washing, comes drying. Majority of the pads can be machine dried on a low or medium setting. One can also air dry pads but that can possibly lead to stiffness of the pad initially. Lastly, leaving reusable sanitary cotton pads to dry in direct sunlight should be avoided. Sun has the potential to bleach out the color or to damage the waterproof backing material. Apart from all this, stains act stubborn and remain. Though a stained pad doesn’t mean it’s unclean. A stain treatment of the pad would be enough for removing it.

The idea of reusable sanitary pads often comes with hesitation because of the lack of convenience involved. Many women are repulsive to cloth pads because washing pads disgusts them. They also think it is somewhat less hygienic. For the hygiene issue, one can add drops of tea tree oil as it has anti-bacterial properties.  In the beginning, it might seem so, but gradually it becomes a part of life. If used, one will definitely reap the health benefits of reusable pads at some point in life. It is a slow realization which will dawn upon people gradually.