Your Daily Struggles, Our Specific Solutions!

Your Daily Struggles, Our Specific Solutions!

How often do you say or have heard your friends saying sentences like these- “Don’t really have time for waxing. I guess I can’t wear my favorite dress today!” or “I’ve started to get in shape, but now I have stretch marks on my hips, arms and belly!”  or simply “ I wish I had a brighter and healthier intimate area.” It’s quite surprising how frequently we come across these struggles. It seriously seems as if patriarchy, trauma-centered feminism, harassment, lack of equal rights and opportunities, (so on and so forth) aren’t enough of a battle for us to go about everyday. From trying to match the eyeliner on both the eyes to keeping track of our periods so that it doesn’t mess up with our vacation, we have a lot going on in our minds all the time, but hey! We aren't complaining.

There are indeed a few (actually many) things that we hate the most and are mentally frustrating to deal with despite them being highly subjective. We can’t list down all of the women’s struggles (because this place is definitely not enough to absorb the whole of it), but we can definitely round it up under three heads-



How could it not be the most hated thing for women? The whole point of a period is to signify that we aren’t pregnant and yet it goes on and on for five days! From cramps to leaving an itchy and smelly vagina, the period does no good. We had to find solutions for those messy days.
Washing the vulva with soap during your periods to remove the smell messes up with its natural pH, but it is also necessary to wash your intimate area regularly and especially when you are menstruating. Our Sanfe Intimate Glow Yoghurt Cleanser  is formulated for cleansing your intimate area, rebalancing its pH and nourishing it.

Our intimate area can start to smell bad on some days, which is totally normal, but it can be quite distressing. The smell can be due to the combination of vaginal secretions, eccrine and apocrine sweat and external sources (urine, faeces, topical applications). There isn’t really any deodorant for vaginal odour. Psst! There is. Check out Sanfe Intimate Deodorant Cream  which not only masks the odour but checks infections too which can prevent vaginal malodour.

After the offset of your monthly cycle, there still is some residue which can cause irritation and itchiness, again often leading to vaginal malodour. It is important to exfoliate your intimate skin as much as your face or any other parts of the body. Sanfe Brightening Intimate Scrub  is formulated to remove any residue or dead cells, cleaning and brightening your intimate area without using harsh chemicals.



As much as we hate bearing the pain from hot waxing, we desire waxed and smooth legs too. It is totally fine to have body or facial hair, we totally support the Body Positivity Movement  . The desire is highly subjective though. We are as proud of a woman with PCOS celebrating her body hair, as of a woman bearing pain from waxing. We have sought different hair removal methods but everything seems to have a downside. From pain to the taken time, from quick regrowth to pointy hair; ooofff so much struggle. Let us make things easier for you. Most women don’t have time or money or both to go to a salon so frequently for waxing in India. Shaving is so much more convenient for them, but most razors leave the skin dry and cause cuts. Try Sanfe Cocoa Butter Body Razor. It is designed to give a painless hair removal experience leaving smooth skin (cocoa butter after all!). Hold on, don’t make the mistake of using a body razor on your bikini line or face, it is very dangerous. It can pull the hair and cause cuts on your most sensitive areas.
Our Sanfe Pretty Face Foldable Razor and Bikini Line Trimming Razorare designed for face and bikini lines respectively to avoid any mishappens.


Social media is flooded with messages on body positivity. A woman wearing makeup is tagged as being “Self-conscious” whereas someone who isn’t wearing makeup is tagged as being a “bore”. Well, let’s face this, nothing is ever gonna satiate the societal hunger for judgment. A person using a beauty aid is in no way signifying that he/ she is conscious about themselves. All of this comes down to a very basic term “CHOICE”. We will use Instagram filters because they are there for us to use and we “want” to use them. We will get lip fillers
because we “desire” a certain look. We will use intimate beauty products because it makes us feel “confident” and not because we are conscious about our dark skin.Talking about intimacy,  we know this article might already get some thumb downs, but we are gonna do that anyway because it is important to treat your vagina as important as your other body parts. There is nothing wrong in  wanting a brighter intimate area or a tighter spot-free vagina and for that we have Sanfe Intimate Lightening Serum  and Sanfe Intimate Stretch Mark Oil respectively which will give you the confidence you desire by having reduced discoloration, nourishment  and blurred stretch marks down there.
You might simply want to flaunt that bikini or a beautiful backless dress, but might be uncomfortable because of the hyperpigmentation there. Our job, as educated individuals, is not to judge but to provide solutions. Sanfe Brightening Back And Bum Cream  is all you need. It softens and firms the skin and reduces discoloration giving you the confidence to flaunt all you got!

Lastly, we simply want to sort things out for you with our organic products because we understand every woman already has ongoing battles. It takes less than a thought to create a change and make the world a better place for women.